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Daisy Fair - Glove

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A Fashion Statement
LympheDIVAs are available in 5 different colors with or without decoration and with 100 different designs.

set out not to just make a pretty sleeve but also one that is more comfortable and improves the management of lymphedema.

Moisture Wicking
Our products include moisture-wicking technology, which pulls sweat away from the body and is fast drying!

Aloe Vera
A fabric finishing process which adds unscented aloe vera moisturizing micro-capsules for added softness and skin protection.

360º Stretch
All of our garments are knit with 360º stretch, which allows our garments to stretch as your arm bends and flexes. Prevents binding at the elbow.

LympheDIVAs are available with compression class 2 (20-30mmHg) en compression class 3 (30-40mmHg). Compression class 2 online available in this webshop. Compression class 3 is only available on request.
Diva Diamond Band
A latex-free, silicone-free gripper applied directly to the inside top cuff of the sleeve. The Diva Diamond Band will keep your garment in place and your skin less irritated.


LympheDIVAs are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large. And in a short (37-44 cm) and long (43-56) version.

How to Measure

To get the most accurate measurements it is best to have a therapist, professional fitter or friend measure your arm for you. Relax and bend your arm slightly in the elbow. Your arm should not be completely straight, nor fully bent. With each measurement, pull the tape around your arm to the point of gentle tension. 

Index Finger: Let your fingers relax, measure the circumference of the knuckle on your index finger. 

Palm: Measure the top of your palm, just under your knuckles. 

Wrist: On your wrist, measure over the little bone on the outside.

Forearm: Measure the fullest part of your forearm.

Bicep: Measure the fullest part halfway between your elbow and your armpit. If you have any extra skin here, gather it together as much as possible. You should hold the tape a bit tighter here so that all your skin is encircled evenly.  

Length: Measure your arm length from the top of your arm to your wrist.

The Diva Diamond Band is a latex-free, silicone-free gripper applied directly to the inside top cuff of the sleeve. The Diva Diamond Band will keep your garment in place and your skin less irritated.

Fitters's Aid App

Introducing a new, revolutionary way to fit LympheDIVAs compression garments. The Fitter’s Aid is a super-easy, super-fast fitting app for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. With the Fitter’s Aid the days of discerning confusing sizing charts are behind you. It is easy to get a sizing recommendation with the Fitter’s Aid app. Simply indicate your patient’s compression class, measurements and indicate whether they wear a hand compression garment and let the Fitter’s Aid do all the work. The Fitter’s Aid will provide you with the suggested sizing recommendation and all the other viable compression combinations to get your patient the compression they need! And now for the first time you will know the exact compression at each measuring point! LympheDIVAs has revolutionized the compression garment industry and now we have revolutionized the way compression garments are being fit with the Fitter’s Aid app!

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Daisy Fair - Glove

100 Designs


Always consult your doctor or therapist for the right lymphedema therapy for you and for proper sizing.

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